Thank you everyone,

for your kind, empowering, and thoughtful words!

We are so grateful to have had the chance to take care of you here at Radiant.

God Bless!

Angela C.


Radiant Body Sculpting is such an awesome place. So peaceful and zen, I felt so relaxed during my treatment. Karina was amazing and fully explained the treatment in detail and answered all my questions. I got the Ultrasonic Cavitation and it works, and with continued treatments will get me my goal. I was very pleased with my visit and will be returning for many more.

Alyssa S.


I highly recommend this place! I am very picky with spa locations, but I have made this one a permanent go to! Vivian is very professional and welcoming. She is very knowledgeable and trust worthy. The services are worth the price. I get amazing results with the body sculpting, I lost 3in in total. I tried the lip filler and it looks so natural! You will not be disappointed with radiant body sculpting

Kay P.


Debated giving such a high rating because I want all the appointment times for myself. Kidding! Vivian is a wonderful young woman and always makes me feel like her favorite client. After a rough week or two I really look forward to having some spoiling from her. (cavitation, radio frequency, facial) I even got my courage on and had her shape my eyebrows! I loved the results. She is absolutely worth the drive

Aracely D.


Was very satisfied with the services received, was nicely greeted when I arrived, was given very great service, the atmosphere was super relaxing, will definitely go back for another spa package.

Miriam F.


I highly recommend Radiant Body Sculpting! My friend and I went here and the services are perfect and the price is awesome. Vivian is so nice and welcoming. The massage is so relaxing and the facial treatments leave you feeling renewed. I feel great after a relaxing spa day. Thank you Vivian!

Shanthal M.


Vivian is super nice and helpful, I have a complicated schedule and she was able to find appointments that fit in with what I needed. Love each visit because with the cavitation I'm able to see immediate results with my trouble areas that months at the gym haven't been able to fix. This is the only place I've found that actually takes their time with each procedure and makes sure they do it correctly. Plus you can't beat their prices!

Deborah S.


After deciding to take care of myself more, I set up an appointment for an Ultrasonic Caviation session (2). It was painless and had noticeable measurements results immediately after each session. However, the best part of the whole experience was Vivian. She mad me feel as if I was the most important customer. She is polite, friendly and just an overall wonderful person. I really enjoyed my sessions not because of the results but because of the comraderie with Vivian. I will be trying other services in the near future. I highly recommend Radiant Body Scultping as your go to for all her services!

Alexis P.


Loved this experience! After my second session I noticed a dramatic change. I will buy more sessions to help other areas of my body. Greatly appreciated that I was able to bring my kids since it was a private room and a one on one session.

Shenayra Q.


Karina has been an amazing technician! She's always so nice and professional. Every time I come in for a cavitation session she has a relaxed atmosphere waiting for me. Everything is always clean and tidy. The music she puts on in addition to the aromas that welcome me are both very shooting. I'd definitely recommend her to any and everybody. Keep up the great work!

Olga C.


I was very happy with my photo-facials. Vivian was terrific - on time, prepared, friendly but not a Chatty Cathy. It was so relaxing and I kept getting compliments on how good my skin looked. A win/win! I’ll definitely go back and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy pick me up.

Sandra T.


Decided to give ultrasonic cavitation a try I’m honestly amazed! Within My two sessions I lost several inches and was very noticeable by my peers. I highly recommend if you’re trying to find something to help in your weight loss. Staff is sweet and professional and make you feel super comfortable! Karina is my tech with radiant and I highly recommend her great energy, enthusiastic. Professional!

Amanda S.


Absolutely wonderful experience! I absolutely loved Karina. She was so professional and explained the process. Highly recommend Radiant Spa!

Dan M.


Had an excellent time. Would book again purely for the conversation and experience with her, if not for the treatments. 10/10 would recommend

Magaly C.


I had a great experience with Vivian! She was great explaining everything and making me feel super comfortable! Really recommend it!!

Annalyse S.


My mom and I wanted to treat ourselves for my birthday by getting a massage and facial. Being that neither one of us have ever been, our first time experience was amazing! After stumbling upon a coupon on Groupon, we both received a full body massage and facial. Vivian was so nice and friendly, she was very personable and made the experience something that I want to keep experiencing! Honestly, I fell asleep, thanks to her, that’s how comfortable I was . My mother and I both walked out feeling refreshed and relaxed, WITH glowing faces! 😊

Charissa L.


Radian Body Sculpting is an amazing experience!!! I knew that the benefits of the treatment would be wonderful, but I never expected that the experience itself would be so relaxing and enjoyable!! It was fun to chat with the tech as well as rest for a while and not have to do anything! They were incredibly kind and gracious with my daughter who was with me and made sure she had a good time too on the massage chair. Aside from the fantastic experience itself, I lost 2 inches in my waste immediately and lost weight right away!! Now that's always an encouragement! :)

Deb P.


Trying beauty treatments can be a little scary.  Will it work, is it worth the cost, the effort, the time?  I have tried several services with Vivian (even got my eyebrows shaped after 50 years of letting them be free range!  Every appointment has been relaxing and completely enjoyable.  To make it even better, I believe there has been a positive impact on my appearance. The eyebrow shaping seemed to make my eyes look brighter and the radio frequency has made my skin seem tighter (we're coming for ya bingo wings!) And although I was very skeptical, the cavitation treatments have appeared to help me slim down in the midsection (which has been particularly ornery since I have become a woman of a certain age).  I still am having those flashes, and thanks to Vivian's help, I feel like I am hotter between them too.

Luna A.


Vivian is just a ray of sunshine! She really is knowledgeable in what she’s doing (amongst several other things) and she makes you feel comfortable from the moment you step in her little spa. Not to mention she is also an amazing conversationalist and knows how to kill any potential awkward silence that may arise as you’re getting the treatment. And as far as the actual procedure, I can honestly say that it did work and I lost inches right after the very first session. I did two in total, in the span of two weeks and I lost 4-5 inches in my stomach/love handle area. I was shocked because even though I’m really tiny (Vivian’s tiniest client to date), I’ve ALWAYS struggled with that stubborn godforsaken pouch of fat in my midsection and in my sides. But somehow, thanks to cavitation and Vivian’s expertise, I finally have a flat stomach and that coveted snatched waist that makes an hourglass figure really noticeable from a mile away. Of course, the fact that I eat really small meals throughout the day, drink a lot of water and green tea, and am always up and about most of the time plays a huge role in the fact that I’ve been able to keep the inches off. But I would still be pudgy if it weren’t for these treatments, so for that, I am eternally grateful to Vivian and to Radiant Body for giving me that added boost of confidence since my wardrobe consists mostly of form fitting and usually midsection exposing pieces. 💖


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