Listed below are a couple of things you could say to a client while booking or rescheduling appointments. Make sure you schedule clients who purchased more sessions back to back. As this will ensure their reserved date and times accordingly.



"Hello and good (morning/evening), do I have the pleasure of speaking with ___________ today?

- Wonderful! This is ____________ from Radiant Body Sculpting, how are you doing today?

- That's great! I'm doing well thank you for asking. I'm going to be the one scheduling and taking care of your appointments. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

- My next question to you would be, what days and times work best for you? 

- Awesome! I have _________ at ______ available. Sounds great to me! One moment while I set and reserve your specific appointment.

- You're all set! All we ask if that you please make sure to show up to your appointment or call 24 hours in advance to cancel. There is a $50 rescheduling fee for no shows, last minute cancellations, and arriving more than fifteen minutes late to an appointment. 

- Alrighty then, thank you so much for choosing Radiant! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

- Thank you so much. Have a wonderful rest of your (day/week)!!"


"Hello and good morning Janeal, this is Vivian from Radiant Body Sculpting contacting you in regards to our services. I'll be more than happy to answer and questions or concerns you may have for me. You can reach me at this number anytime before 8:00 PM. How may I assist you today?"


If you're sick or an emergency happened, please call or message your client

"Hello (insert name), I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience but I am going to need to reschedule your appointment for (insert date) at (insert time). I've unfortunately encountered (your reason for rescheduling) and will not be able to make it."


Please download and log into the Setmore app or website at

Login e-mail:

Login password: RADIANT*Setmore11


You will only be able to schedule appointments on your given times and days. To set an appointment, tap on the pink + sign located on the far right corner of the screen.


 ↱ + Appointment

 ↱ All Services

 ↱ Choose service

 ↱ Click your name

 ↱ Click on the correct date that's in the blue bubble located above "Set Available Time"

 ↱ Click the correct time for your client

 ↱ + Create new customer (for existing, just look up their names)

 ↱ Type in their full name

 ↱ Provide the U.S # affiliated with them

 ↱ Save


The last step is extremely important, failing to do so will result in an un-saved appointment.​

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