Everyone must abide by these rules, as they are necessary for a smooth-running business. Failing to do so can result in verbal warnings, write-ups, suspensions, and even termination.


#1 - You will provide your best customer service with every client.

#2 - You will be fully prepared and trained to answer any questions the client may have.

#3 - You will arrive fifteen minutes before your first shift to set up and get prepared.

#4 - You will use proper hygiene and dress accordingly to dress code every time you come in. Radiant's dress code is scrubs and comfortable shoewear. Sandals are not allowed at any time during your shift.

#5 -  You will not be allowed to use your cell phone for personal use doing treatments. They are only allowed for playing music during your appointments.

#6 - You cannot bring family members or children to any of your shifts.

#7 - You will come to each shift looking presentable.

#8 - You will treat every client with utmost respect and professionalism, and refrain from using any profanity or inappropriate remarks.

#9 - You are responsible for setting your own appointments once given or received.

#10 - Any discounts or free sessions must be approved first in writing by the owners.

#11 - You will abide by Radiant's Rules & Regulations.


These can turn into suspensions and early termination.

#1 - Do not make any clients angry whatsoever.

#2 - Never message or call clients past 7:00 PM, unless they contact you first around that time.

#3 - Do not damage any property, you will be responsible to replace any parts or pieces.

#4 - Do not steal any property.

#5 - There is absolutely no eating inside the spa room.

#6 - Do not be late to any of your shifts.

#7 - Do not let any personal issues effect work.

Rewards & more

We're a laidback and fun establishment, though we must set boundaries in order to keep our standards. Those who have worked hard and mastered every service will be considered a "Top Tech". Personalized lab coats with additional clientele will be granted for those that reach high standards. Points will be given out at the end of the month for each tech as a monthly report.

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