Nice, simple, and sweet.

You will be responsible for making guest feel extremely comfortable when they arrive to the spa.

Here is step by step of proper greetings for your guest.

 ↱ Have your paperwork ready for each client. For new clients you must provide the informed consent, non-disclosure (leave contracts in the N.D folder once completed after your shifts) and if they purchased any multiple sessions you must provide the correct contract as well. Contracts are mandatory for new clients as the free air cleaner slip will be provided. Clients are not obligated to sign the air cleaner vouchers upon first visit.

 ↱ Greet them with happy smiles and concerns for their day

"Hello! How are you doing today?".

 ↱ Ask if they would like any water or if they need to use the bathroom beforehand.

 ↱ Open both doors (lobby and treatment room) for them, and advise they put any purses, wallets, or key down on the white marble table.

 ↱ Give your best customer service! Knowledge is key, the more you know, the more professional you are.

 ↱ Ask them if they have any questions regarding the services.

 ↱ Give them a brief description on what they're to expect with their session.

Conquer, create, and proceed!

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